How to buy videos on SOKMIL site

SOKMIL” is one of the leading adult video sales sites in Japan, and many Japanese people use it with confidence.

I myself use it regularly. This site offers a wide range of adult videos at reasonable prices and can be accessed from overseas.

It is a legitimate site where you can enjoy Japanese adult content.

How to buy videos

(1) Please click on the banner of this site. You will be directed to a Japanese adult video sales site ‘SOKMIL‘.
How to buy videos on SOKMIL site

(2) Please select the type of purchase you would like to make:
How to buy videos on SOKMIL site

→ Video Quality:HD
→ Buy (unlimited access)
→ Video Quality:Standard
→ Rent (1 week access)

(3) New membership registration is required.
Click on the green banner that says “新規会員登録(無料)をする(Register as a new member (free))” to proceed.
How to buy videos on SOKMIL site

(4) Registration is free and you can also register with your Google account.
How to buy videos on SOKMIL site
I registered as a new member using my Gmail account.

I entered my email address and password, and clicked on the green banner that says “入力内容を送信(Submit input)” to complete the registration process.

(5) The following screen will appear. Please check your email.

(6) You should have received an email from Sokmil.

Please click on the URL in the email. It will be valid for 24 hours.

This completes the membership registration process. It is free, so please be assured.

(7) When you return to the registration screen, you will be directed to Purchase procedure(ご購入手続き) screen.

If you wish to make a purchase, enter your credit card information here and proceed with the purchase process. The price of the video, including tax, is listed in Japanese yen. In this example, it is 500 yen (tax included). Click on the orange banner that says 「購入内容の確認へ進む」(Proceed to purchase confirmation).
Pressing this button does not complete the purchase, it only takes you to the confirmation screen.

If you do not wish to make a purchase, click “戻る” (Return) located below the orange banner. There is no payment required, as you have only completed the free membership registration.

(8) You can check your current status:
How to buy videos on SOKMIL site

ログアウト Logout: If you are currently logged in, clicking here will log you out.
会員情報 Member information: You can confirm your membership registration details.
ポイント Points: This shows the number of points you have, which can be used at a rate of 1 point = 1 Japanese yen. You can earn points by making purchases or visiting the site, but please note that they have an expiration date.