【Vintage】Legendary japanese real pick-up video ‘The Nampa Special’ highlights 1

Legendary japanese real pick-up video 'The Nampa Special' highlights 1 Amateur

An omnibus that includes the first work of the legendary Japanese pick-up video “The Nampa Special”! It is a godly porn series that is said to pick up real amateur women and make them appear in adult videos.

ザ・ナンパスペシャル総集編1 VOL.1~VOL.5
za nanpa supesharu soushuhen 1 VOL.1~VOL.5

Five works are included. In front of Shinjuku Alta, Yokohama Yamashita Park, Harajuku, Shirane Ski Resort, Shonan Chigasaki.

The series that made the correct pick-up technique known to the world started from here!!

The techniques of Japanese pick-up masters are amazing!

This video was made over 30 years ago. But I think this is real pick-up. It’s still fresh and exciting.

The Picking-up Special highlights 1 VOL.1-VOL.5

Performer: Amateur girls
Running time: 58m
Release date:
Streaming start date: 26/01/2007
Maker: アリーナエンターテインメント(arena-entertainment)
Series: ザ・ナンパスペシャル(The Nampa Special)
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